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Abstract game

Friday, May 19 2017 Views: 107

Im in a hotel room sitting on the bed.Talking to sondra after the conversion she flirts with me and makes a move on me.Our conversion was about how people cheat on each other who are romantically involved.Im now sitting at a game table with other people this is a group game.The game was unique,orginal,abstract like nothing I've ever seen.In the game you move your piece to see if you can make it in the other persons home base.But in order to get to a persons home you have to get past other people in the way.An thru the persons resistance and defences whose home your trying to get into.One man was going toward tobys home base.But he had to get passed me with toby backing me up.The man almost made it but was stopped.That was the end of the game it was time for the next round.But first I had to choose who was to leave the game and be killed.I used my intuition and I chose toby.So someone lifted toby form the table while he struggled.A lady sat at the table in his place,I was attracted to her right away.Finally later someone told me toby was a bad choice to have removed from the game.Because he was helping me even thou everybody was for themselves in this game.I realized the lady who just entered the game was helpful but alittle less than toby was.


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