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BWC Show

Saturday, September 10 2016 Views: 273

Night Dream

I'm in the BWC at their 4-year anniversary show. I remember bands playing and talking to people there. It's nighttime. Through some window, I can see that it's snowing outside. I go outside and see that the WC is right up the street from my house, instead of where it usually is. When I go back in, I'm wondering what month it is for some reason. I thought it was September but apparently it's Christmas night. I don't seemed surprised. I think I'm very drunk.

I run home to get something. It's cold out but no longer snowing. I have my big army coat on. When I get home, I go to the bathroom to take a leak. For whatever reason I have shitty aim and piss all over the mirror. I go in my room to change my shoes. There's a few pairs of shoes in there. The room I'm in is my room from Wyoma st. I'm falling all over the ground trynna grab 2 matching shoes. I can hear heavy rain outside. I put my shoes on and run back to the WC.

Later, I'm in my room (of my current house) and my cat has a burning hot red collar on. I don't touch him. He seems demonic for whatever reason, but he looks normal. The collar doesn't hurt him.

Additional Comments:

The BWC is having its 4th anniversary later this month.


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