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1800s String Thief and a Workcamp

Saturday, April 26 2014 Views: 45

I'm on a side street off of Boston St. when the whole world is turned into the 1800s except for me. I have to catch a thief in order to get back to my time. The thief is made out of string. I chase him and drag him back to a jail cell, which is just the corner of a wall that has a thin string line to keep him locked in there. 

I am being escorted on a desert road where there is nothing except a big silo and we are walking towards it. When I enter, everything is made out of metal except some holes in the floor, which are filled with lava. I am put in a cell and there is no way to escape. I see other people plea to get out and one guard actually looks sympathetic. I try to escape about 3 times but I'm brought back each time. Every once in a while, we are allowed outside, where there is a swingset (the area is Mag). There are some kids from school there. Sitting on the swings, we're talking about what we're gonna do when we get outta here.

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