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The Lost Painting

Lucid Intent
Tuesday, June 13 2017 Views: 69

I had a very unique dream last night in the way that there were almost no images in it. Most of the dream was a mix of ideas and voices I was hearing. Some painting was lost. It is a very famous and important painting, though no one seems to address what painting it is. 

Someone is trying to repaint it, although they don't know what the original looked like. Here I saw a vague image of a hand beginning to paint a broad image on canvas. Just wooden brown. A door in my house is locked. We cannot see what's on the other side of the door, just as the painter cannot duplicate the lost painting without seeing the image. Someone comments on the wide range of possibilities the painting could be, it could be virtually anything. Something of da Vinci's style, I feel. 

At my bedside, my dad tells me I can't go to sleep until I get what I see to be stars or startdust. He twirls his finger and stars from the night sky above come down and surround me. Now I am protected. I tell him of my dream, and he's telling me not to think of it and not to turn around. This gets rid of the stars; I feel like I've lost something. 

The painting remains unfound.

Additional Comments:

I think this had connection with a door in my house being molded shut due to the heat last night. Something about not being able to see on the other side seemed to parallel with the empty canvas and not being able to reproduce it. I felt almost awake throughout this whole dream.

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