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Holy Grail Guard

Saturday, June 17 2017 Views: 57

Morning Dream.

Somewhere in a marsh, some people have left a tiger here. Someone's supposed to beat it up in order to win some gift or something. I go down and it starts eating my hand. I punch its nose many times to maim it, but I don't want to seriously injure it. I go up to some area I was before and shoot other enemies here. 

In my wyoma st kitchen, there's some type of enemy here who looks like a giant ravioli or hot pocket. I throw hot water on him to melt him. Now he's tiny enough to be on a plate with all these nachos. My brother, the ravioli and I eat fries. We give the small ravioli guy one fry and he says that's enough since it's bigger than him. He had sunglasses on too I believe.

In the temple of the Holy Grail, I seem to have defeated the guard. He wants me to take over guard duty, but I don't want to, and keep trying to think of excuses. The fighting area is a floating circle with a small circumference to fall down into a pit. I invite many people over who start moshing, including AD. As the people fall, I say that one of the survivors should be the guard. I just really don't want this position for hundreds of years.


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