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Dirt road Trips

Sunday, March 30 2014 Views: 65

There are people in my brother's room whom he's dropping acid with. I walk with them- past a chirch and several other places that aren't in their usual location. 

I'm in chemistry class and my friend's trippin' on some fungi. I'm tired. People all around me tell me he is fine and that I'm the one who's tripping, very badly. The students all surround me and freak me out. 

I am with 2 other friends walking down Boston st. We take a turn and are on the street in my old town with the little league fields. Our shroomin' friend's far behind us; we think he's gonna bring people we don't like so we keep on walking. JS suggests we find more people and "kick his ass". We climb a dirt hill on the street corner and at the top of it is a desert-like dirt road that leads up to a hill, and a sandy staircase that leads down to the sea. I'm now with 3 people. A person I dislike is at the bottom of the staircase. He tries to fight me and I push him in the water. My friends laugh (in disgust) as my ass is exposed.

We keep walking on the dirt road. My friend wonders aloud how he could go on living knowing that he gave me a black eye. JR says, "That's what nazis do. That's what YOU did!" We come across a tent and camp out. There's a small building where we can buy bread. I go in the bathroom and hear music. I get out and my phone is on the ground. There's a video on it of the kid I pushed in the water singing "Ugly Bastards" and holding a knife. I can't shut the video off and it gets faster and faster so I just mute it. I grab the bloody knife from out of the video (reaching into the screen, I guess) and throw it into my mom's room, where the kid is. I run out, telling my dad to get out of the house. I return to the camp. There is a log outside the house and a guy paints music notes, egg yolks, and a face on it. A little floating head tells him his job is complete.


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