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Boob Party

Tuesday, June 27 2017 Views: 106

I left my hat at DlB's place. I have to take some trains to get there (IRL it's just 1 bus). When I get to the train station, I jump down past the tracks and there's a wide open space of nothingness I explore behind the tracks. After I get my hat back, the quickest train back is reserved for the mentally disabled. I get on without question.

JD and I are walking through some big retail store. For a while, we're just wandering around, and I'm eating candy and stuff off the shelves. They have those cages with all the big bouncy balls in them. The cage goes very high up, about 50 ft. in the air. At the top is a tiny cave. We're inside, and I hear there's gonna be something called a "boob party" in here. I email the host so we can get invited, for some reason under the names "McMahon and Duggs" or something like that. I start feeling very anxious and short of breath concerning how cramped it'll be in here.

Later on, a bunch of people are stacked on top of eachother where the tall cage used to be. Topless girls are there, and we reserved our spot on the top.

Additional Comments:

The shortness of breath I felt when I first entered the cave felt the same as when I was anxious and short of breath entering an inside porch in my "Crust Show" dream. I guessI especially don't like claustrophobic areas in my dreams.


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