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Becoming a Fisherman

Wednesday, July 5 2017 Views: 55

My brother and I are outside our house early in the morning, watching the sun rise. It's very nice.

I'm running along a beach wall (maybe from my old town). It's very dark and cloudy outside. Cold and uninviting. I run along the wall until I get into a small wooden boat. I think I'm being followed by someone or some group. With someone else, we swim out to some big boat in the middle of the grey water.

On this boat, it belongs to some old man. The person I boarded the boat with and myself are assisting this man. He's a fisherman, mostly shrimp, prawn and the sorts. I think this was a submarine; we were underwater at some points. We also swam underwater for long periods of time manually grabbing shrimp. I think we could breathe underwater.

Later on, we dock the boat/sub in some secret type of area- you have to go underwater first and then surface inside the area (above water). My boss from the boat yard is there, surprised to see me as a fisherman. Him and the captain of this ship leave and the other person and myself are left to do maintenance on the boat. We can't do some simple operations like turning a screw for some reason. All that work, swimming, fishing and breathing underwater,  but we can't use a screwdriver!

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