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Some Little Kid

Saturday, July 15 2017 Views: 56

Sleep time: 3:45am

Wake time:11:30am

I'm sleeping in my dad's bed and I'm slightly unnerved cause I feel like someone could be standing in the doorway, watching me. I go over some comedy routine to help me get to sleep.

I was walking down the street at night when some little kid (about 13 I think) started walking with me. He was talking about some rare CD he got, though I don't think he ever said what it was. He said he got it at a store just up the street.

Further up the street, we're in his house, and I don't see the CD. I think his house was really JR's house, and he along with some of our old friends are here running around, messing things up. The kid has an older sister (20s) that JR (and all of us kinda) hit on. The kid tells me he doesn't have a mom; his sister's his only family. It takes me til now to notice how young this kid is; he says he's in 6th grade and he's so small. His face is freckled. I thought he was at least 3 years older but I guess I was wrong. 


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