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Friendly Restaurant Family

Friday, August 11 2017 Views: 51

Dream I had during a lil nap just now.

I'm standing outside of a seafood restaurant run by an Italian family. The restaurant is located at the end of a dirt road that seems to be in the woods, right on the tip of a lake. An exterminator enters the restaraunt, whom the owner clarifies to me is there to build a new website for the restaurant. He's got a scruffy mustache and big black curly hair. He seems nice. I ask him how much the rent of the building is since they also live here. He says it's all paid off, which is how they could afford this boat that was right behind me. A medium sized boat with an inside deck. Him, his daughter, son, and wife get in. There are 3 steps that lead to the top of the boat. Right to left, each one has a name underneath it for designated people: Steph (his daughter), son (I forgot his name, let's call him Sylvester), and on the left, written in pencil it says, "You". It means this is where the guest or whoever's reading it steps up. I climb up and dive into the water off the boat.

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