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Trapped In Your Mind

Lucid Intent
Friday, January 11 2013 Views: 193

I knew full well how I got there, I just couldn't make sense of it. My twin brother had developed a device that sent you to a parallel universe. A universe where you could mingle with characters you had never dreamed of meeting in the real world. You could even meet fictional ones. I was in some strange body suit that my brother had developed. He was wearing a sleek black jumpsuit with blue wires? wires I think they were that had little electrical impulses flowing through them. I was wearing the same. It looked uncomfortable on him, but it must have been just as flexible as my own suit. I must have been stunned because I didn't feel the pain that jolted through my being the next time I attempted jumping universes. My twin however, Diddy, as I call him, had his face twisted into a grimace. He was holding what looked like a tablet, but it had all these statistics on it that were bent out of shape, and they became so corrupted that they didn't make sense anymore. Then one of my idols stepped out from behind the small white sliding door of a closet that stuck out in this vast and empty pink room. The walls were plum and the floor was peach. Everything about this place was the pink of organs in anatomy books except for that freshly painted white door. It must have been painted recently, for it was so bright. Diddy's grimace transformed into a grin of achievement when he noted the idol. It was a Korean pop star that said nothing but waved at us. His jumpsuit had black wires. He waved us on, and we followed. Further into the peach room, a room that never seemed to end, there was a girl I recognized from a video game. The only difference was she was real. She was Judith from tales of vesperia, and she was tending a bar. The only thing between our little gang and Judith was a bar and three stools. She was cleaning the wine glasses that sat on the lone shelf behind her. There were no drinks to be found. Just a shelf, Judith, and a bar with three stools in the middle of another section of this never ending peachy pink room. She was wearing a suit identical to the pop star's, but she also wore a cloth of scarlet that hung off of her hip that was so bright it pained my eyes to look at it. Her smile somehow invoked suspicion in me, and the mocking laughter from the idol that greeted it did nothing to help. Why couldn't my brother see the signs? He was elated. He began cheerily chatting to our two new acquaintances. He was being taken by their lies. More people came, and I got sucked in too. I told my brother I wanted to go back. Back to normal wherever that was, and he told me it was possible, but it would be difficult to do. He told me that I have to remember that this is a one way ticket. He told me that I had to really really think about never being able to see this place again. "What about you?" I asked him. He told me that he loved it here. He said I had to remember the commitment I made when I came here. I had to remember that he had told me that there was a chance that I wouldn't come back. I thought he meant that I would die, but that's not what he meant at all. He meant that I might be stuck in this pink nothingness for all eternity, with nothing but these artificial beings that appeared so real to me. For the sake of time, I'll skip to when Diddy realized that these people did not want to let us go, and realized we would be in danger if we stayed. He managed a device that could get us back home. He told me this time it really was a one way ticket. This trip would use up the rest of the power from the tablet he had used to get us here, and might even use more of our own power than he had hoped. I didn't know what our power was until I felt the excruciating pain that felt like several needles had penetrated through my brain. Diddy looked as pained as I was when I gathered myself up enough to pay attention to the happenings around me. Just as quickly as I entered that world, I entered a new one. Was this the normal world? The nauseating pink room had been replaced with a small bedroom with white walls. My body was attached to my brain with wires. Diddy's body was attached to my brain as well. I could only wonder. Did I just escape the mostly empty labyrinth of my mind?


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