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Only Fools And Horses and Del Boy

Thursday, January 10 2013 Views: 178

I was with company, up to no good in a shopping centre. I must have stolen something or other because my next memory is of running to an elevator and there being confusion because I was unsure if I was going the right way. I had now become Del boy from Only Fools And Horses and had my sidekick Rodney to blame because we couldn't get out of the building. We finally came to an exit and strolled out, thinking we had gotten away with our crime. It was then that DCI Roy Slater, standing outside the door, announced that we were nicked. I decided to run. I came to a dead end, a brick wall about 6ft high. Without stopping to think, I jumped and clambered to the top  -  straddling the wall, then jumped down the other side and made a perfect landing before making my escape. 


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