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Wednesday, February 20 2013 Views: 261

I was sightseeing with a group of twenty to thirty people. The location? Probably somewhere in the UK. I was with Sophie at the head of the group and we came to a railway view over a bridge and a building that looked quite like German or Elizabethan architecture.  Whatever it was, everyone wanted to take a photograph and we were just too slow to frame our shot, meaning all our group happened to get in the way of our picture. We went back in the other direction till we came to a quiet spot to frame our picture.
I don't know if the following was a part of the same dream, but it kind of fits. Sophie and I were on a train and the guard wanted to tell her some information that was for her and not my ears. They went into the corridor and spoke for a while before returning to me. Also on the carriage were football supporters. They were coming back from a football game I was trying to avoid the score of. It had finished Liverpool 1 Chelsea 0 in the last minute of the match.

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