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Ray Davies Dream Twice In A Row

Thursday, September 7 2017 Views: 47

Last night I was planning to watch a Kinks tribute band in London so following on from that I was drinking red wine with Ray Davies in a room in a fancy house he had booked for a private function. There was another person with us but he had left a little early so Ray and I were chatting and getting along well. He said would I like to have a quick drink at his house before I went home, and though it was getting late I said sure, finished the last of the wine and thought surely this isn't a gay come-on by Ray? and then dismissed the thought before saying goodbye to the owner of the property and leaving with Ray. I was going to tell him I would be seeing a Kinks tribute band this weekend, but thought better of it. An hour after writing the above I dreamt I was telling the exact same details to a work mate. I was going to see Ray in concert and had my ticket with me for that night. Everything else I wrote was what I said to my friend in the second dream.


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