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A Dream Within A Dream

Saturday, September 9 2017 Views: 29

I was at my desk and working. Without a break in the action I was within a dream and knew it. Being at work I realised that I should wake up so told myself to do so. Now I was on the floor at work with a pillow under my head and wondering what had happened.  Did I pass out and have an ambulance called? There was a door to the right, inside I could make out people on beds so was I at work AND at hospital? My Mum was at the work door but didn't say anything. From this point I was on a bed and speaking to a nephew who was complaining about a fax I had sent in error from his machine. It was to do with the bed I was in which should have been collected that day, but the fax sent basically told the intended collector to feck off. Then I awoke properly


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