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The woman with three mouths

Sunday, January 5 2003 Views: 3653

This dream starts with a haircut - namely - of a friend. He sits in the chair and a young woman begins to cut. He wanted a neat and short cut, but what happens is a haircut so odd and startling that he has no option but to cut the rest off and go bald. He actually likes the result and walks off satisfied. I'm now having a haircut after seeing her cut my friend's hair. She cuts it short but I say 'down to a few millimetres', and I demonstrate with my fingers. But she seems to like it the way she has done it, and how can I disagree? At one point she attempts to shave my chest hair but only gets a few hairs before I stop her. We are now in the bathroom and dancing. I'm aware that the way we are dancing is the way she was dancing with my friend once, but I am not envious of that - just trying to replicate their moves that I can now see in my head. We are looking at each other through the mirror on the wall and in such a joyful mood. Giggling, moving backwards and forwards, left and right as the dance continues to a song we can hear that sounds French. I can still hear the bubbly melody in my head half an hour after the dream. I then notice more about her and realise she is very petite and very, very attractive. I would write 'sexy', but that was not the kind of attraction it felt like. Then the strangest of things happens. We are so playful at this point that after I teased her by putting a finger in her mouth, I notice that she has has another two* but the placement of these are what intruiges me, and their shape is about that of a small coin. they are where her nipples ought to be, but can be seen now even though she is wearing a top and they could not be seen before. I now have both fingers in use at the same time ;-) And that's it. I woke up with the radio on.

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*a woman with three mouthes? A dangerous thing, my friends! I wrote yesterday in my journal of when I cut all my hair off for charity. And another toilet dream.

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