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Talking Dolphin and Libya

Sunday, April 3 2011 Views: 817


I was at some docks in a harbor I suppose. There were a lot of animals swimming around, including a big sperm whale that was white like from Moby Dick. What I noticed the most were the dolphins. One swam up to me. I said “Hello” to it. Then it tried to mimic my voice and said “Hello” in a high pitched squeal. I said, “Hey, you can talk!” Then the dolphin said something like “We talk to those who will listen.” It said some other things I don't remember.

In the second dream, I was going on a cruise with a tour of people. The cruise was going to travel for a few months to many places around the world, but I think mostly to Asia. But then the dream switched to where part of my tour group got seperated and we found ourselves in a plane, which was dropping soldiers off at an American base in Libya. I was walking around the base with a woman from my group and we were talking. There were a bunch of turrets scattered around. I guess they would be used if a plane got close to the base. It was really an excessive amount of turrets. Then I decided to leave the base and just start walking. I walked by this new war plane that was being shown off. It was supposedly eco friendly. I kept walking and then there were bombs being dropped around me. One of the bombs landed in front of me and struck a hangar sending it flying into the air. I managed to avoid the bombs and continued down the path. Up in the distance I saw a truck. This truck had a signal on it and it turned on and a siren sounded. It started driving forward. It was supposed to be a signal to the Americans not to get close to that area because there were civilians. I started running back the way I came, but that's all I remember.


Additional Comments:

I think it's important when animals talk to you in dreams. Also I think dolphins are a whole lot smarter than we think. Regarding Libya, I'm mostly against America's involvement over there and this was kind of like seeing it from the Libyans' perspective.


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