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Wednesday, August 6 2014 Views: 1218


I was on my bed in my room, but it was arranged on the other side of my room, right up against my closet. While on my bed, I looked across to the wall where my bed used to be. I saw what looked a big Daddy Long Legs spider in the corner. It jumped all the way across to my bed. I then saw that it wasn't a spider, it was a giant mosquito. I swatted at it and then I found out it had landed out of my room on the stairs landing. I saw its wings were broken, but it was still moving. I called out to my mom downstairs to get tomato juice. She was taking her time and I kept yelling for her and I was worried the mosquito was going to get away.

Additional Comments:

I don't know what the tomato juice was for, to confuse the mosquito by making it think it's blood?


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