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Lunch and Games On An Island

Monday, May 1 2017 Views: 73

I'm on an island standing on a cliff. It could have been Hawaii. Everything is pretty vivid. I can see birds and insects and other people around. I take video with my phone. Then I get down from the cliff. Now I want to take a ferry to the northeast corner of the island. The ferryman is a thin old guy, maybe in his late sixties. The fare is $1.02. I hand him a five dollar bill and he tells me he wants the exact amount with the two cents. So, I dig around in my wallet and give him the change. I then meet up with my parents and my brother once I arrive to my destination. I remarked how I was able to get to them all on my own though I was afraid. They just seemed to brush me off. Then we went to a restaurant and sat down at a table. We were waiting a long time and the waiter hadn't even brought out the menus. The waiter said it would be a few minutes. It was taking too long, so we left and knew of another place to eat at these two asian ladies' house. We were to knock on the door, so we did, but there was no response. We weren't supposed to ring the doorbell, but we did anyway. Still no one came to the door, but there was a backway in via some stairs. We got to the door up there and were invited in. My parents and my brother sat on the couch in front of the TV, whereas I sat at a small table apart from them. The ladies said we should play a certain kind of video game and we could go on this website called Himalaya if we needed help with it. The game was an app on your phone I think. But my brother started playing a video game on the TV. I don't know if it was the same game they referred to. It was a racing game, and some of the characters were My Little Pony characters, only they were human like in Equestria Girls, and their voices sounded different. Meanwhile, the ladies were preparing lunch for us. I got served something that looked like rice pilaf or maybe a kind of ramen. They made a mess on the table where some of it spilled, but that seemed to be OK with them, and that's all I remember.



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