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Unfinished Star Wars Land Tour

Sunday, May 14 2017 Views: 75

I dreamed I was invited to go on a tour of the unfinished Star Wars Land at Disneyland. The entrance was built up already and when I walked up to it, I was given a ticket to get in. Inside, we had to be careful and watched where we stepped, as things were still under construction. There was not much to look at in there, mostly dirt with random structures here and there, but what I did see got me excited. I saw the legs of an AT-AT. Though there was no body constructed yet, I felt myself get zapped by a laser. It didn't hurt, but it was a weird sensation. Then I saw Jeff Goldblum and a select group of people were picked to go do something else special and follow him there. I was one of the lucky ones to be picked. We had to have our phones on some kind of setting or at least it measured something in our bodies? That something had to be between 1 and 6 to do this thing we were being taken to. I couldn't figure out how to check that out on my phone and Jeff Goldblum came up to me personally to help, and I found my setting stayed under 6, so I was good to go. He was smiling at me and I think he called me sweetheart. :P We followed him and ended up at a ride that was all ready to go and we got the opportunity to be the first riders. Unfortunately, I saw that it was a drop ride and there was no way I was going on that lol. Jeff Goldblum approached me and I told him I don't do drop rides, which he seemed to sense and understand already. Fortunately, there was another tamer rocket shaped ride we could go on. When I looked at the drop ride again though it was a totally different ride … more of a high spinning ride. I still wouldn't have gone on it though. Not big on high thrills.




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