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I Want To Shower First

Thursday, May 18 2017 Views: 51

I don't remember the beginning of this dream, but there was going to be this crime scene investigation in the bathroom upstairs in my house. However, I wanted to take a shower in there first. So, I go in the bathroom and already there's a woman who comes in. She has a plate with salad and a blood orange. Then she walks out. There's two doors in this bathroom and I lock the first door when she goes out. The second door to the shower/tub and toilet doesn't have a lock. I get in the shower and I keep screaming “No!” periodically when I think that the lady is trying to come back in, though I never really heard anything. Then I see two other ladies come in through the door to the shower. They were actresses. One of them was Nicole Kidman and the other I think was Lana Parrilla. I screamed “NO!” At them again and crouched down into the tub. I had a robe around myself. I hadn't been exposed or anything. Nicole Kidman approached and said, “It's OK,” in a soothing voice. Then the two actresses both had several plates of food, which they set down on the edge of the tub. One of the plates had that same salad with the blood orange. “You should eat something,” Nicole Kidman said and she took a fork and scooped up a bit of blood orange and pointed it at me. I took a bite and said “Thanks,” giving in and realizing there was nothing to worry about. I woke up shortly after that.



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