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Desert Job and Dog Nightmare

Wednesday, August 16 2017 Views: 50

This feels like a recurring dream. I'm at the desert observing a couple of guys enjoying the Grand Canyon. It's dark and they turn their flashlights on and point them at one of the canyon walls. You could see glowing beetles crawling all over the wall. It was freaky because they were otherwise invisible without the light causing them to glow. I thought that maybe there should be bats too and then they appeared.

Next, I'm still in the desert, but in a different location. There's a large body of water that I'm guessing was maybe the Colorado River. I was with a group and there were snakes everywhere so we had to be careful where we stepped. Even on the river floor you could find snakes so I still had to be cautious wading out in the water, which was what we were doing at the moment. It seemed like the whole dream involved trying to avoid the snakes. I don't know what we were doing in the water. Suddenly, the river started producing big waves and I got scared. I yelled to others, “No, I'm afraid of waves!” I started heading back when I noticed this weird effect happening to the waves. It turned out to be boats coming in. It was tourists. It was then that I knew I had to get to work. I go back to shore to the picnic table area. It's a small area partitioned off on the beach. The picnic tables are aligned in a single row sitting on a slab of concrete. There's nothing scenic about it. It's pretty ugly. Our jobs are basically to be a personal assistant to the tourists. We're each assigned a person and we just do what they tell us to do. I'm sitting at the table with the female tourist sitting next to me. She's having lunch. After she's done, she hands me her stuff – leftovers and trash. Then she points at the broom beside the table, telling me to sweep. I grab the broom at first, but then I look down to the left and see a co-worker also has a broom, so I thought she would take care of that. I set the broom down again, but the tourist motioned for me to sweep again. So I take the broom and go at the edge of the picnic area and sweep what looks like pieces of bone up. Then I'm to go on an app on her phone and check off things. I ask her about each of things and she gives answers. The only thing I can remember asking her about on that checklist was if she wanted to enter this contest. Then I learned that the tourist I had assisted was the wife of the mayor of Chicago.

In the final dream, I'm at my grandma's house. She lives in a two-story condo on the second floor. I had my dog Luke there and he wanted to go out. I open the door, and he jumps up over some plants, and then over the balcony down to the street below. He landed on his side. It was not a pretty sight. He had decided that the best way to go down was over the balcony rather than down the stairs.


Additional Comments:

I feel like I've had a similar dream about my dog before. Upsetting. :(


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