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Resist The Book Ban

Sunday, August 20 2017 Views: 126

Science fiction and fantasy books for children were being banned by this organization. I saw that the organization was on Twitter and I was going to respond to them, but I didn't think they would reply back. However, when I looked at their Tweets I did see they were replying to people, so I sent them messages.

Then I'm in this city. I feel like I've got to do something about this book banning thing. I imagined myself being a young girl and having my books being taken away from me and it would have been awful. I went to the city's bookstore and started yelling at people to hold on to their books. To not give them up. I was really passionate and emphasized the importance of this. There was a guy at the bookstore who seemed like he was a part of the organization, but he wasn't really. He was being a troll, but that might as well have been just as bad.

Then it gets weird. I see Luke Cage from the Defenders and I follow him. He goes into a dark empty room. Maybe there's one lamp and I see Michael J. Fox half-sitting half-laying down on one of those medical chairs. He talks to Luke Cage and I hear that his Parkinson's symptoms are starting to improve. Then they both go somewhere submerged underwater in a tank perhaps. Michael tells Luke it's OK and they both merge their bodies and minds into sharks.

I think by now the Defenders have teamed up and are ready to fight against the book banning organization. One of the Defenders is kind of evil though or just hasn't become good yet. She looks a little like Hellcat, but not quite.


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Been watching The Defenders.


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