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Heroine Drug Bust

Monday, September 11 2017 Views: 84

My family and I just got out of a terrible movie and we were walking back to the car. We had our dog Luke with us and another dog that was a Pug named George. It looked like we were walking through a college campus. I passed by a woman at the curb of the street, and had her hold Luke by his leash for some reason, but she really wanted to get going. I eventually let her go, but she asked me if I could watch her back as she left because it was likely a dangerous area. So I did and almost immediately the woman got mugged. They stole her purse and started driving away in their truck. I chased after them and managed to catch up to them. The guys came out and there were about six of them, but I could take them! I fought them and snatched the purse back. Then I took a look at their truck and saw that they were loaded. It was packed to the brim with pot cookies and pastries and marijuana plants. I took the pot cookies and pastries and destroyed them ruining the guys' day.


Additional Comments:

I probably wouldn't have done that to the Pot. Saw a drug bust happening yesterday, so that's probably why I had this dream.


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