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Conglomerate of Dreams

Thursday, January 10 2013 Views: 242

Location: Library, at school; upstairs at the senior study area.
Story: Can't remember much, but I remember that there was some sort of objective, where I had to replace a guy, sitting against the balcony near the staffroom, before whatever was happening came back around to him. Multiple people did this to other people.

Location: Work.
Story: As I was walking in, I was told about a guy who was infiltrating the place to kill these 2 people, who I saw enter the 2 doors into the staff only area, and he sneeked with a guy around into the stock area, as I went into the bathroom and hid, as I thought he may mistake me for one of them.
It jumps to a work-wide photo, and one of the guys is missing. Just as the picture is taken, I realise that the guy standing behind me in the uniform was the Guy earlier on, and I remember looking at the mint-tinted photo and seeing him behind me.

Location: In some park/forest, which an area which is filled with play equipment which has been attached to sprinklers overhead & on the walls, making it a raining play area.
Story: I was standing with a guy, who seemed to be lecturing me, about how every piece of equipment is attached to one another. I remember him demonstrating how if you turn this cog at this piece of equipment, that all the sprinklers would turn. He also demonstrated how you can pause the water, not turn it off, just as it reaches the nossle of the sprinklers, and I remember seeing the water starting the just come out of the heads but stopped. He said he needed me to watch this area, as he had to go to the bathroom. I walked around, over this piece, around here, as I waited, looking at the water.

Location: Driveway of my house
Story: I was walking from the road into my driveway, where I hear all these chants & calls, so I turn my head, and all these friends of mine are here, pulling up in 2 jeep-looking cars. The teacher, who seemed to resemble Mrs Rajaratnam, was telling me that they came here to take photographs for a school assignment.

5: Location: School Grounds/Front Lawn
Story: Not much, just fragments. Remember: Maddi, Lauren, Cloudy, Doors & stairwell near 204.

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