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Friday, May 12 2017 Views: 181

I was taking a test (later). And lots of students were doing their last minute prep. You were there. And I knew to stay away from you because you are so perfect. I was looking much older than I do..the way I dressed. I looked at you but did my best to not annoy you. Somehow a friend got us to talk. And it felt so good to communicate with you. And we had a nice conversation. And I was thinking I knew it wasn't so bad. I was a little lovestruck but I hid it from myself. You gave me money in ten's twenty's and coins..and I didn't know why.. so I took it. You were giving me more. And I pretended I was just into the notes rather than the value and declined more money.

                                                 He(you) asked me if my mom doesn't give me more money. I said 'not to me nope'. Somehow that answer made it less awkward. It was such a nice feeling to finally communicate with him. And it was then time to take the test. We had to find our rooms and seats. And I couldn't find it..I just didn't want anything bad to happen after such a nice happening. A little late and tense about it- I found the room..but before the test I woke up.

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bad recounting


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