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Tuesday, July 25 2017 Views: 114

A friend of mine who previously helped me out with something decided to drop in and I was happy to see him. I noticed he didn't look as happy as me. He wore black and white striped clothes. We were in my room when suddenly he came in closer. I was surprised but I was into it. But then he wouldn't do anything and there was an unhappy expression on his face. He was getting chummy but he wasn't actually kissing me. I was definitely confused. I did not ask him to kiss me or anything.  And then my sister who is not my sister walked out of her room. There were definitely loud footsteps. And in all my uncertainity I did not move. But neither did he. I din't know what the hell he was thinking. The moment was awkward and I just wanted to express that I wasn't ashamed of it and I was still. He was still close and all active. My sister/not saw that. She was very mad and I kinda felt nasty. i thought he was going to take a step back or something. It was like he planned to do this to get me in trouble. His face was so expressionless among all this. Its like I wasn't supposed to hook up with this guy: so

(later) I cried a lot and apologised to my sister/not and she forgave me. He left with the same face he came in. The incident was embarassing.  But somehow there was this feeling of guilt. And I was angry on myself and  felt confused by his behaviour. I din not understand his probable viile intentions. I felt betrayed and more confused. 

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