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Monday, January 9 2012 Views: 270

I was at some teacher's house cuz he was throwin a fat party. All my friends from school were there. In my dream there was no drinking or smoking but everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun. I remember Jimmy kept tryna mess around with me by tackling me on the couch and messing up my hair and face and stuff. I was laughing about it though. Cindy came in and told Allison that if there were people that came looking for Lily and her parents (the teacher) to knock on the window and let her know since she was going to be just right outside. After the party continued for a little while, those people came. They looked so official. They came right up to Allison and told them they needed to speak to Lily and her parentals. She knocked on the window to let her Cindy know and Lily and the teacher went to go talk. The party seemed kind of weird after that. I walked downstairs and everyone was huddled by the bathroom door for some reason so I went to check it out. The teacher was in there, he was talking to his daughter Lily. He was drunk and crying and his speech was definitely slurred. What he said to his daughter, I can't remember word for word. I do remember though that all his words flowed perfectly, even if he was drunk. It was like a heartfelt rap song. At the end, he said I'm the most dissapointing father in the whole world. I was like that's so sad that makes me wanna cry and my eyes started tearing up and whatnot so I fanned myself trying to get rid of the tears... and then I woke up.


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