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Friday, January 13 2012 Views: 232

I was at someone's house with Allison Valentina and some guy. We were planning on going to the fair because it was nice outside. Allison took forever to get ready so I started to do my makeup. I felt really embarrassed to do my makeup in front of that guy though so i decided to just go home and get ready since Allison was taking so long. When I stepped outside it was pouring down rain and so gloomy outside.I though in my head, we're definitely not going to the fair today. In front of the house was a swimming pool strip and the only way I could get to my car on the other side was to swim so I stripped down to a black bikini that I was just magically wearing underneath all my clothes and swam to the other side. When I stood up I seen a guy driving in his car on the road who cranked his whole neck just to stare at me standing in my bathing suit in the pouring down rain. Then I woke up


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