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Monday, March 19 2012 Views: 274

In my dream I was in front of this house with a bunch of my friends. It was about evening time and the sun had already went down. We were all just standing around talking and then all of a sudden J Dub left with one of his friends. My friend Steven came out of the house and said his $10 was missing and everyone thought it was J DUb who took it because he left right before Steven announced that. We all figured it just fell out of his back pocket. Then the scene shifts and I'm at this house (which I've been in in a previous dream) with my friend Valentina and she pulled me into the bathroom and asked me if I wanted to do some coke. I said sure and while we were walking to the back of the bathroom some random guy comes in and tells us that coke's bad for us and blah blah blah but I told him it was prescriped for me. He sat down on the toilet seat and took one of my pills in the prescription bottles (which indicated coke in my dream I guess) and put it in a pipe and started lighting it. I said that's not how you even do it. And then I showed him my name that was on the pill bottle to let him know it was mine. I remember Valentina was talking a lot and I could tell the coke was starting to kick in. Then the scene shifts again and I'm driving in my car but for some reason I can't see out of my right eye. It was really dark outside and my headlights weren't working so I pulled over but I couldn't see where I was I was too worried about my eye. All of a sudden I could see in my left eye this really bright light, it was so bright it burned. I figured my headlights started working again. I then realized I was in a graveyard and my friend Sami was there in his car and asked me what I was doing. I told him about my car and my eye, and he told me it was probably the coke. Then the scene shifts yet again and I'm back on the road. This time, it's not as dark, it's raining, I can see out of both my eyes, and my friend Allison was sitting in the passenger seat. My steering wheel started locking up and my windsheild wipers weren't working AGAIN. So I pulled over in some random person's driveway and I popped the hood. I was starting to get frustrated. Allison saw this tube that was connected to my hood. Apparently all cars had it. She put on a latex glove and starting pulling all this nasty gooey seafood out of it like all these random fish, shrimp, and lobsters. She said that's what was making my car weird. She said this car probably has it too and pulled out some of the same stuff out of a car that was parked right next to us. I said you know that were dumping all this stuff in some random person's driveway right? I got back in my car and luckily, it started driving normal again.

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I just remembered that in my dream I drank a can of something but it got me fucked up and some guy said that he drank that once before and he got fucked up to. I was talking to my friends in this little social circle and all of a sudden I had this urge to turn around. It was that guy that told me he drank it too. He was soooo cute. I smiled right when I saw him. He picked me up and started giving me all these kisses


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