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Thursday, September 1 2016 Views: 250

I had a dream I was graduating high school again. I remember sitting in this classroom with all the lights off while a movie or some type of educational video was being projected at the front of the class. I was sitting in the back next to Kaleb- this guy I used to have a thing with//crush on in like 9th grade. We were flirting and talking and he was telling me how in 9th grade he promised me something and he had intended on keeping that promise. I asked him what it was that he had promised me and right before he got to explain what it was, some girl came up to me and presented me with this ruffle attatchment piece that goes down along the buttons of a shirt. It was blue and it was hideous but I felt hella special for receiving one lol there were only a few girls in that class that all wore a white button down with that ruffle piece, including me. Then my classroom all left to go to the gym for the graduation ceremony. For some reason, I stayed in the classroom because I wanted to change into my flats but I realized that I had left them in my car... so I got up and went out to the parking lot to grab em.

It was sunny outside but by the way it looked you could tell it just got done raining. Typical WA weather. There were a group of girls standing outside in front of an SUV type car parked in front of mine to the left a little. They were laughing and smoking weed out of pipes and it was so blatantly obvious. They didn't even try to hide it. I walked inside to go to the gym and there were people standing outside of the gym door. They were waiting for a moment where we could enter and not have it interrupt the ceremony. I remember looking through the little windows on the gym door and seeing my sister standing in one of the back rows (everybody was standing for some reason) next to somebody that was playing the role of one of her friends but I didn't know who she was. My sister's hair looked weird too. It was black with a really bad blonde ombre. In real life, she has dark brown hair. I felt some type of way seeing her through the gym door windows, sentimental almost, knowing that I was missing the entire ceremony. 

There were 2 security guards standing next to the door and one of them, a fairly short man, started talking to me about something I can't remember. I do remember him saying "Prime Time" though and I was like what? And then he said "you know, like what they say in Seattle!" and then he held up some magazine. I was so confused but then I think we were talking about why I wasn't inside already since he knew I was a graduating student. I explained the situation about my shoes so he offered to walk me to my car. He was walking in front of me a little ahead of ways but backwards so that he could still see/talk to me. I asked him "so you're from Seattle?" But I forgot that we were in WA and I told him it gets confusing cuz I live in Cali but I'm from WA too. As we were talking and walking back towards my car, I woke up. 


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