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Megan Fox

Friday, May 5 2017 Views: 108

I was w Richard and Kevin. We were walking and talking outside along the side of a building. I remember it being hella sunny out. We were supposedly going to my apt but somewhere along the side of that building, there were these glass double doors that led into a restaurant. I had just smoked a cigarette before we walked in and sat at a booth where my parents were seated. As soon as we sat down, my dad got up to use the restroom. He had to squeeze passed me in the booth to get out and he smelt my hair. He inhaled deep and let out this dissapointed grunt sound that he does in real life cuz it smelt like cigarette smoke.

At some point it had something to do w my dream guy? Like he was literally perfect for me in every way.

The scene shifts and I'm riding a bike down a street. It was really gloomy and cloudy out. I'm whistling as I ride down the street and am just super content. There was a man walking down the street. He was a missing person. He approached me and tried to hop onto my bike and I remember feeling hella scared.

The scene shifts and I'm at the mall w a group of people. Alana and Shelton were there. We were painting our nails. I ended up stealing the nail polish I used. It was a coral-reddish color. I was standing in front of this desk and Megan Fox was the one sitting behind it. She was our "hostess" but she looked like she was a receptionist. Her nail polish was a bright magenta colored and it was gunked on. Like you could literally see chunks of it dried onto her nails. We sat down at a large, tall dining table in the middle of a clothing store, as if we were getting ready to eat dinner. Shelton sat next to me and Alana was jealous. Since Shelton's Alana's bf and I knew that she was jealous, I was super respectful and didn't interact w him inappropriately by any means, such as flirting back, etc. 

The scene shifts again and I'm inside Walmart now. I'm looking for flip flops and a bag of some kind. I go up and down the aisles trying to find the perfect pair of flip flops and that bag

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