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Pick Someone Special

Friday, May 12 2017 Views: 45

I parked my car in front of this Jewish building and my car got towed, even though they said they weren't gonna tow it. They said they were just gonna service it? My dad and my brother talked them into getting my car back and they said they were gonna give me money for my troubles.

I'm inside some house by myself. My mom's black tennis shoes that she always wears to work were on the living room floor. I'm talking to my sister on the phone.

The scene shifts and I'm in school. The teacher told me to hand out paperwork to everyone in the class and to give two pieces of paper to someone I think is special. I picked Kaleb. I stopped in front of his desk, nervously trying to get a piece of paper out from the stack but it was stuck onto the one behind it. I ended up tearing it in half as I tried to pull it away. I quickly crumpled it up and swooshed it into the trash can like a basketball. He was like "aye I seen that shot!" as I smiled and handed him another one from the stack.


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