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Snow in May

Thursday, May 18 2017 Views: 46

I'm outside of my "mom's house" even though it looked nothing like how my mom's house actually looks like. There's snow everwhere, like 2 feet of it. I walk up the driveway where Ryan's Tahoe is parked. He's sitting on the drivers side with the door open, one leg in the car, the other hanging outside of it. Mindy is standing outside of the car facing him, her arms crossed. He was saying how he was ashamed of something he recently confessed to her about but since he did make that confession, now she had to tell him hers? I remember him saying how he really wasn't proud of what he did. The view I had in my dream though while he was saying all of that was as if I was like right up in his face, like a camera would be.

I walk up the wooden steps to get inside the house and notice one of the steps were broken. I knew Mindy and Ryan were the ones responsible for it. I walk in and my sister comes in shortly after me. I turn around to look at her. Her outfit is hideous. She was telling me about her shirt she was wearing, which is one I've been wanting to get, and how she got it online on sale. It looked hella raggedy though like w holes and stains all over it.

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