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Hide n Seek

Saturday, May 20 2017 Views: 50

I was w a group of people. We walked into a huge dining room area where we were all seated. Anthony was my date. As soon as we were seated, I told Anthony I had to pee and he said he did too so we walked together into one single restroom. I peed hella quietly cuz I was pee shy and he was peeing in the stall directly to the left of me. In the dining area, soft lavendar lights helped to set the overall ambiance of the room. Music was playing in the background. Across the table to the right of us was a brazillian girl wearing a crop top. She was rolling her body and dancing to the music. Anthony asked me if I would care if he danced w her. I said "nah, go for it man." He said "Cool, cuz I'm tryna FUCK." lol and then left. I wasn't jealous or cared that he went and danced w her, just more bummed out that I didn't have anyone to sit next to anymore.

The scene shifts and I'm walking outside of the building I was just in, as are a large amount of randoms. They looked almost robotic in nature just walking about. Some guy told a few of us we weren't supposed to be outside at the time and we'd have to crouch down. Brown tall skinny ant looking aliens were trooping around w huge guns in their hands. If they got close enough to us humans, we'd have to crouch down on the ground in the Muslim prayer position as a sign of respect. They moved on approaching all the humans outside to ensure we would give them the respect they were looking for. The guy then told us to run inside and hide. I quickly found myself in a room, neatly furnished w a large, tacky tan colored couch in the middle. I took the seat cushions off to hide underneath them and found my childhood friend Gabby already hiding underneath the left seat cushion. While we were waiting to be found, she was showing me a game she was playing on her phone. It was some sort of spelling game to help her learn how to spell words correctly and to broaden her vocabulary. She told me she wanted to be smart like me lol it was cool though cuz she could have her phone laying on her stomach and spell the letters out in the air w her fingers and they would pop up on the screen. Then I heard someone walk in. Immediately that person had to have known where we were hiding, given the large bumps in the couch. They walked on top of the couch, feeling bodies underneath the seats. I felt fingers massage over the seat I was hiding under, finding my vaginal area and then rubbing up and down slowly. I let out a soft moan before giggling and ripping the couch cushions off of me. I stood up and some random ass girl was standing in front of me, greeting me w a smile. She said "I found you!"

The scene shifts and I'm in a classroom. It was a dark and dingy room where it looked like dentention was being held. The class was given a break so I got up and left cuz I really didn't wanna be there anymore. I walked out into the common area where a manicurist sat behind a little nail booth. I asked her if she had any gel polish and she replied "Yeah, like in every shade." I sat down and soaked my fingers in a cuticle softening solution. A passer byer had asked me what it was for so I explained to her how it preps your nails. The lady then preceded to paint my nails but she sucked so hard. I remember thinking "Damn, I shouldn't of wasted my money and now I'm going to be late going back to class" cuz she took so fuckin long!

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