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Sunday, May 28 2017 Views: 145

I was standing around an island table w a woman in what I assumed was her kitchen. She was telling me about how she was featured on a wine bottle. You know those birthday cards that open up and sing? The label on the wine bottle did that and she was the first to have invented it. Next I'm standing next to a girl, I think it was an old friend of mine named Eunice, in the same kitchen. We both had celestial binoculars for stargazing but ours differed both in shape and quality. Hers was detached, so she held one eye piece in each hand. Mine was in one piece like any regular pair of binoculars would be. When I looked through Eunice's binoculars, it showed the planets in Hi-Def. Everything was so intricately detailed! It was amazing. It made the planets look as if they were twinkling. When I looked through mine, it was like looking at abstract art. You know how ancient cultures would often show a representation of the sun with a face? Like this one:

All the planets seen through my binoculars had weird faces like that with human features. Keep in mind that we were standing in a kitchen in front of a refrigerator, not a window, looking through our binoculars. I'm not even sure if the planets were in outer space tbh because typically when stargazing, when you see a planet, nothing is in the background except the the pitch black emptiness of space. The background behind the planets in my dream looked like a cracked desert plain colored in shades of orange. 

The scene shifts and I'm up in an attic sitting in a giant circle amongst a bunch of people I don't know. One of the girls there, looked about 8 or 9 years old, was a misfit of some sort or like a missing person? Another girl seated 3 spots to the right of me was on the phone with somebody trying to figure out who she belonged to. She was describing the little girl to whomever she was on the phone with. She stated that she had strawberry blonde hair. Then I'm assuming they had asked how much she weighed cuz the girl looked around and said "Idk, how much would you say she weighs?" Various people gave their numbers, and I said maybe 56 pounds? The little girl walked over to our side of the circle and asked "Do you wanna know how much I really weigh?" She said she only weighed 9 pounds! lol then afterwards, everyone started clapping for her. I was so confused. 

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