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Babies + Yoga + Football

Saturday, May 27 2017 Views: 50

I was at some camp. I had woken up before everyone else. I scanned the room filled with people still sleeping in their sleeping bags on the floor and decided to quietly exit and head to the bathroom. Right outside of the door, there was a pilot in his uniform strapped to a wooden chair w buckles. I asked him if he wanted me to unite him. He said "not yet" in the most nonchalant way ever. He seemed pretty content actually so I just continuted walking to the bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom, I make my way past 2 moms - one to the left and one to the right, both changing their baby's diapers at a changing station- and into one of those big handicap-accessible stalls. I changed into my blue March of Dimes t-shirt that I only wear to bed. I got it for being a volunteer several years ago. In my dream though, apparently only couples wore this shirt? I'm unsure as to why I wore one then lol but I did, and I wore it w 2 tank tops underneath. I head outside, passing a couple wearing the same shirts as me, and I sit down at a wooden picnic table with my friends Richard, Kevin, and Eunice. Eunice was wearing a really low cut top so her boobs were pretty much hanging out. I didn't feel very cute in my blue t shirt anymore so I took it off. A random gay guy came and sat down next to me. Kevin and I couldn't stop laughing cuz the gay guy was so extra'd out w like rainbow hair and everything. I was trying not to laugh soooo hard but would bust up laughing anyways. The gay guy wasn't offended though whatsoever. I think he was trying to entertain us cuz he was smiling as he sat down next to me. 

The scene shifts and I'm at the Gorge Ampitheatre. It's hella sunny out and the grass is vivid green, like a picture-perfect summer day. I could literally feel the sun against my skin. A woman is on stage about to conduct a yoga class. Everyone has their yoga mats laid out on the grass and ready to go. She was wearing a microphone headset and she called me out since everyone was waiting on me for the class to start. I'm in the back walking towards my gym bag. I told her I was grabbing my sunscreen really quick but I was really grabbing my tanning oil. I guess she was really bothered by the fact that I held up the class cuz she kept picking on me like even after class had already started. She even got off stage at one point and took my towel. 

The scene shifts and I'm inside a building with a group of people. We were all headed towards another side of the building. Along the way, we had to go through a metal gate door. Since I was leading the group and was the first to have walked through the gate, I decided to try and pull a stupid prank on everyone. I stood on the other side of the gate and was like "see if you can get through" even though it was really unlocked the whole time lol some people just walked through no problem while others struggled, and that made me laugh. When we got to our destination, we were all playing a game of football. It was a toy football though stuffed with cotton, like the ones children play with. I remember making a touchdown and looking over at Kaleb to make sure he had seen it.

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