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Robotic Contacts

Saturday, June 3 2017 Views: 99

It started off  w me walking outside alongside my old church friends. We walk up a few concrete steps leading into what looked like a castle. A trail of fellow church goers are both in front of us and following behind as we make our way to sermon. The pastor is standing at the door, greeting everyone as they enter the room. As I'm walking down the carpeted hallway, just before entering the room, I look down at my feet and realize I have no shoes on. My friends look down at my bare feet and make this same realization. I turn around to head back to wherever I just came from and the pastor notices that I'm about to leave. He insists that I stay and waves his hand in the "come on over" motion. I tell him I'll be right back and that I'm just grabbing my flip flops. He hesitantly lets me go, so I start running down the hallway.

The scene shifts and I'm inside a house. I know I've rented out one of the rooms as background information, like when you start a dream and you already know something even though it just started. It's a super nice room equipped with my very own swimming pool on the left side, and then a fat ass bed to the right. Something happens in between me seeing the room and what's about to happen next but that I can't remember. The next thing I know, I'm somewhere completely different. I was surrounded by A LOT of people and they were all busy doing something, but I find myself standing in front of Gina - Gina and I used to kick it during my 1st quarter in college but we had a falling out at the end of that quarter and haven't talked to each other since. Surprisingly, she's being weirdly nice to me. She's showing me something useful on my phone that I hadn't known beforehand so I thank her for doing so. I ask her if that means we can be friends again. She smiles bashfully, says "yes, we can be friends again" (lol barf) and then hugs me.

Post-hug, I find myself back inside the room that I've rented. There were a group of little girls (maybe around 7-8 years old) scattered all over my bed, all on the floor, everywhere. The tv that no one's even watching is blaring in the background and I see nail polish and popcorn bits all over my floor. They've completely taken over my room with their slumber party and my nice ass room is now trashed. I sit down on the bed next to one of the girls and explain to her that I need my room back because I paid good money for it. Like $700 worth. 

The scene shifts yet again. This time I'm inside of a verizon store. The first thing I see is the check out desk, where all the employees are standing around. Behind them, the wall is made up of floor to ceiling windows, which let in an amazing amount of natural light even though it was extrememly cloudy that day. I walk up to one of the employees and have him take a look at my phone. He questions me about it and asks me to take him to a certain screen but I didn't even know how to work my phone. It wasn't an iphone, which I'm not used to. I explain to him how my friend Sean gave it to me for idk why blah blah blah but I normally use an iphone lol as I'm struggling to find that screen by pressing random buttons. I sit down w him at a tall, round table next to one of the windows. He's talking to me and I'm listening but not really listening but still looking in his eyes to act like I'm engaged and I think he can tell that I'm not really paying attention because all of a sudden, he seemed really thrown off. Or like insecure even? In the middle of him talking, he asked me "Can you see my contacts?" And I was like "What? No?" Then he was like "Ok cool because" blah blah blah he starts to trail off and while he's talking, he flips his hat around so the bill is facing the front. As soon as he did that, I noticed them! They didn't look like normal contacts. The actual contacts themselves were similar to how normal contacts look IRL but they were much larger. They didn't go inside of his eye either, they were literally taped over them. You could see the tape strips on his face attached to the top and bottom part of the contacts. It was such a weird looking contraption I can't even explain it but it made him look almost robotic? I was definitely a little weirded out, especially because I hadn't noticed them until he said something. I glance out the window as he continues to ramble and I see Victoria standing outside waiting to catch a train. I went to elementary school with her I think? I apologized to the employee and asked him if he could please excuse me for a sec before darting out of the store. I yell out "Victoria!" as I run up the little grassy hill leading to the traintracks where she's standing. I stood in front of her trying to catch my breath. We didn't even exchange any words. She just gave me this look that said she knows I'm sad but this was something she had to do. And I understood. The train arrived and stopped in front of us, and then I woke up. 

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