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Sunday, June 11 2017 Views: 100

I was staying in a house as a guest w some family. The mom of the family was Betty's mom from the show Riverdale. I found a bunch of granola bars so I decided to unwrap them and place them all on one of those standing serving platters on top of the bathroom counter. My friend Jessie was so grateful that I had done this and ate all of them. Then at one point, I was digging through a dust bag (like the ones a bottle of Crown Royal comes in) but there was nothing in it except this black folded mesh-like material. I can't explain it. When I first ordered my bed frame a long ago, my headboard came wrapped in it. I pulled it out of the bag and started unfolding it. As I was unfolding it, the material transformed into a black scarf. I thought it was MY black scarf, and I said that out loud to Jessie too, cuz I thought I saw the Marc Jacobs letters on it in white like mine does near one of the corners. This scarf had like pom pom tassels on it though and mine IRL doesn't so I took a closer look at the letters and realized that it read 'Stella Maxwell.' 


The scene shifts and I'm on the ceiling looking down at Jessie on the ground below me. You know how in scary movies like The Grudge when she's crawling on the ceiling on her hands and knees? I was in that position! Jessie looked up at me and screamed my name, freaking tf out. I fainted or passed out or something and fell to the ground. I woke up in the hospital and the family I was staying w was standing in a circle around my hospital bed. They were discussing something but I was so out of it, it all just sounded mumbled. I tried to ask what had happened but I couldn't cuz my lips were stitched together. It hurt soooo bad. I could feel the stitches pulling apart and resisting my attempt to open my mouth. The dad of the family looked at me and said "Don't say anything" We walked out of the hopsital and his black car was already pulled up in the front. The dad sat in the drivers seat, I sat in the back behind him, one of the kids sat shot gun and there was another in the back next to me. Before we left, the dad asked us where we should go to eat. One of the kids said they were in the mood for a cheeseburger. The other shouted out food cravings/suggested places. The dad turned around and looked at me in the back seat. He said "I'd like EVERYONE to participate. I was thinking in my head like "Wtf. I literally cannot say anything." Then they were trying to figure out what the word was for the bottom half of a fraction - denominator. Lol they couldn't figure it out. Then I woke up. 

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