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Ear Drummers

Friday, June 9 2017 Views: 93

I was standing on a sidewalk amongst a group of girls. A black car pulled up to the curb to take us to our destination. There were too many of us to fit into the car all at once so the group was split into two: I was a part of the first group, as was Kylie Jenner. Before getting in, I turned around, looked at the girls standing behind me and told them I'd come back for them.

What happens in between the scenes shifting is kind of blurry. I don't remember performing the action itself but I do know what happened: I texted one of the girls in the 2nd group. She was a foreign exchange student and I asked her for the address of the house where she was staying. She gave me the address and said she was staying w the Rothschild family. I said "You DO realize who the Rothschild family is, right?" Then for whatever reason I decided to walk to the house before picking up the girls to make sure the address was, in fact, correct. I remember looking up at a street sign and the name of the street read "Rae Sremmurd." I took a left onto it and sure enough, the house on the hill was there. It seemed so ridiculously big in my dream when I was looking up at it.

I pulled up to the side of the curb where the girls were supposed to be but none of them were there when I arrived. As I waited for them, I texted my friend Toby. Abby M texted me back saying how she was w him and was replying for him. When I was reading the message though it wasn't a text back, it was a letter I was reading on tangible paper - like an actual letter lol. It was decorated and everything w colorful ink and whatnot telling me how she had a crush on him and how she really enjoyed spending time w him. She asked me for advice since I've known him forever and I was just so confused why she took the liberty of replying for him when I obviously texted Toby and not her lol 

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