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Double Decker Bus in 1981

Friday, January 11 2013 Views: 255

Dream 1:

I forgot a large portion of this dream.

I was in the entrance to a large building. It looked like a mixture between the lobby and cafeteria in my high school and the entrance to the mall in our area. A thunderstorm was going on and you could see the lightning through a few windows on the roof. It was a very bad storm. My mom and I were hunched down near the entrance. There were a few other people with us. For some reason, I had the feeling that it was the year 1981 (long before I was even born). 

The dream skips and I was outside. It was still raining, but not as bad as before. My mom and I were getting into a small white double-decker bus. The door opened and we stepped in. Upon entering, two old men were shouting furiously at each other, with the occasional swear word thrown in. I looked at them and motioned my mom that we should go to the top part of the bus. The top part was enclosed. 

Additional Comments:

Bit boring, but I had to write it!

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