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They Show Porn On Cartoon Network, Now?

Sunday, July 15 2001 Views: 8490

All right. THIS dream is embarrassing and somewhat explicit. I was watching Cartoon Network when some kind of ad for another program came on. It was a cartoon and it just went on and on. First the voiceover said something about the main character (?) performing abortions. "ABORTIONS?" I thought, on THIS channel?? That got my attention, of course, and I turned to look. On the screen, there was a white background and a female character on the left. She...um...gave birth to a black baby boy, only it wasn't a baby, it was a fully grown man, big muscles and all. He just came out. o_o If that wasn't weird enough, they then started performing different sexual acts on each other. I won't get any more specific than that!! ((flushing furiously)) Needless to say this had me BEYOND confused. WHAT were they doing showing this on CARTOON NETWORK?? (I believe it was daytime, to boot!) Then they clarified that this was an ad for a show on ANOTHER network--I can't remember the name of it but it was a specialized network, like Lifetime or something. Still, I thought, the AD is explicit enough! How are they getting away with showing this on a KIDS' channel??

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