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First Porn On Cartoon Network, Now This

Friday, August 17 2001 Views: 7677

This dream is very vague. It concerned an image that they were showing on TV, on USA to be specific. It was a thin woman (perhaps only her head and neck were thin and the rest of her body was a bit thick, or disproportionate?), short dark hair or else longer hair slicked back, sitting on a chair. She was naked and looked "out of it." Her skin was pale and grayish, like she didn't feel well. I was surprised they were showing this, but I assumed they'd edited part out; then I took another look. No...*cough*...something down south was slightly visible even in this view. "I can't believe they're allowed to show this on USA!" I exclaimed. Something was wrong with this woman (I don't recall seeing her arms--perhaps she was tied?), but I never found out what. Along with that I have written down "leg cut off, rating?" OH YES! Somebody--her?--got their (right?) leg cut off and they showed that too. I think it was above the knee but I may be wrong. They clearly showed it--blood didn't spurt all over, in fact there was none, but you could see the muscle. A clean straight cut. First nudity, now this! Eegh! The rating, that had to do with the rating given to the show, but I can't remember what it was or what happened to it.

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