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What's In My Head?!

Sunday, October 30 2016 Views: 109

This dream is from yesterday.

I had some kind of large cyst on top of my head, closer to the left side, and I pressed on it since I was kind of scared to squeeze it. A large amount of pus came out, along with gray fragments of what looked to be some sort of parasitic larva. :O I was so horrified and repelled (though somehow I'd suspected it was a larva that had caused this), but started to squeeze harder to try to get everything out. More pus and blood came out, then I pressed harder and it squirted out liquid. ;_; I kept wondering if it was finally empty but more stuff kept coming out--not nightmarishly huge amounts of stuff, but still, it was so gross, and I was worried that I hadn't gotten the entire larva out. The cyst wasn't gigantic either, but it was bright red and swollen and had a hole in the middle where all this stuff had emptied out (it was like there was no hair over it, though I didn't have a bald spot), plus it really hurt. (I can feel pain in dreams.)

I awoke without any pain, but God, was that disturbing.

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