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Couch Toilet!

Sunday, October 30 2016 Views: 126

I believe this is from the night before yesterday.

While dozing on the couch I had a short dream that I smelled something really bad, and I stood up, and suddenly there was a toilet built into the couch. O_o This was normal in the dream, but the smell was not. I peered into the toilet bowl and saw that it was stained. I turned to my mother, sitting nearby, and said, "I think maybe we need to clean the toilet."

When I awoke from this dream, I got up and went into the kitchen and was struck by the smell and realized it was from our garbage being bagged up and removed (for some reason it always has this awful smell like a small animal decaying when it reaches the end of the week, so we take it out to the porch ;_; )...I guess the smell invaded my dream.

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