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A Lifetime Ago Yesterday

Thursday, December 8 2016 Views: 110

This is from yesterday, and might have been part of a bigger dream. I'm typing this up a while afterwards from notes, so it's faded by now.

It was daytime, and green outside at first, even though I think it was supposed to be December. It was overcast. Ma and Dad were looking for the cat (which one?), and asked if I knew where it was. (I don't know why I typed "it" in my notes, since we had a male and a female cat.) I didn't know.

I was standing by the concrete circle which surrounds the maple tree near our house. There were now orange leaves all over. I looked down near the corner of the house. There was our cat Cosmas, stretched out and partly covered with leaves. I realized he'd been sitting there all along. I was sad because he was still sick, though he looked okay and even seemed curious. Sweet kitty. I wanted to pull him out of the leaves and hug him.

I think this was the same dream, maybe after a time lapse, though I'm not sure.

I was still outside, though it might have been drearier now. I was on the pavement near the driveway, facing the garage (I'm not sure if I meant that I was on the driveway which faces the garage, or if I myself was facing the garage, though I think it was both). I remembered now that Coz was dead. :( I thought it had happened months or years ago, though I said that it felt like it had just happened--but then I remembered that it did just happen, this same month, December. (In reality it was in June.) Strangely, it was like it was recent but long ago at the same time.

When I suddenly realized just how shortly ago his death was, I started crying. -_-


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