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Porch Cage From The Past

Monday, February 20 2017 Views: 63

Vague and from yesterday, not today. I don't recall the beginning or anything but it had to do with a fence and sort of porch cover that used to exist over our front porch. In reality the front porch is an outdoors concrete stoop with an iron railing, and a few steps lead down to a little old sidewalk that heads past the side of the house/garden and through a bamboo (actually knotweed) stand to our driveway. This sidewalk is located right below my bedroom windows.

In my dream it was summertime and very green and nice out, though overcast. The garden was quite lush with groundcover that didn't really look like the snow-on-the-mountain and whatnot we have in reality. It was this nice light green color. So pretty. I don't think the bamboo was as thick as in reality, and things looked more orderly/groomed. I was standing here, and alongside the sidewalk was this metal/mesh fence, maybe about as high as my shoulders; it was along the garden side at least, but might have been along both sides. If the bird feeder was in the yard, it might have been more ornate or decorative. Everything was really nice looking. And enclosing the porch area was a continuation of the mesh fence...it was like a large cage over the whole thing. Weird.

Anyway, I was standing here looking at this, and then I turned and walked down/alongside the sidewalk a bit, and then somehow made my way into the garden (which wouldn't have been possible if the fence had been there). Only it was also like the fence and "cage" weren't really there anymore, because this was something that had existed in the past and was now gone. It had been removed long ago, before I lived in this house. Somehow I was seeing something that wasn't there anymore, but in the dream this wasn't abnormal.

I kind of walked through the garden (through this groundcover) right alongside the house and looked back toward where the fence used to be; I think it was gone now and I was back in the present. I was kind of mentally pretending to be my character Det. Max Kristeva, though I'm not sure why, and was browsing around this place in his persona, like I was investigating something. I then approached somebody--probably one of my parents--and asked about the fence and "cage" that weren't there anymore, because I was curious about their history and when/why they were removed. Honestly, they'd been rather interesting looking, especially the fence, and I was a bit regretful that they were gone.

After the dream I asked my mother if such a fence had ever existed (I didn't ask about the porch "cage" because the very idea was ludicrous), and she said no, so my mind probably just made this up.

Kind of a vague and uneventful dream, but for some reason the mood and the nonexistent scenery from the past really intrigued and stayed with me. It kind of reminded me of my older dream, "The Mide Lodge In My Living Room."


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