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This Dream? Still??

Monday, March 6 2017 Views: 69

From yesterday, I think, a disturbing variant of my recurring "Having trouble finding/using a public restroom" dream, seeming to take place in the high school lobby. I seemed to be with a group of other women. Not only was the public restroom unsuitable somehow (only the handicapped stall available?--toilets filthy or impossible to use?), but I also wasn't adequately prepared to catheterize my stoma. I didn't have medical tape to put on my gauze bandage, and I was afraid of getting germs/bacteria on me. I left the bathroom in a near-panic, not sure how I'd handle it, but I think an older woman in the group had some tape and was reassuring toward me.

I honestly thought that once my bladder was gone (see "My Dream While Hospitalized"), I'd stop having this dream, but no, it's merely updated itself to fit my current circumstances! My Indiana pouch has been giving me a lot of trouble with leaking lately, and I'm always worried about running short of supplies (some stupid wenches keep buying out all the bandages at Wal-Mart and are probably selling them marked up at some other store), and that likely influenced the dream, too.

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