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Bathroom Ghost, Obstacle Course (part 1 of 2)

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I end up muddy from head to toe when I help dad at his house [actually my aunt and uncle’s house] with some kind of yard work.  He offers to help me get clean, and since I sorely need it, I gladly accept.
He helps me walk to the bathroom so that I spread as little mud around as possible.  Once we’re inside, my attention is immediately drawn to a creepy humanoid wire figure that stands about three and a half feet tall.  It has twine weaved between the human-shaped wire, giving it a bit of solidity.  I try to ignore the thing as I strip down.  I hear the tub start to fill with water, so I assume Dad’s filling it up for me.   
Once I’m done taking off the muddy clothes, Dad asks me if I put the human wire form into the bathtub.  I look up to see dad is rinsing the mud off of his hands at the sink, and that the wire form is no longer standing near me.  I look to the tub with confusion, and see that it’s mostly full and the wire thing is inside.
I tell him that I couldn’t have done started the  tub and put the thing in there, because I was busy undressing.  I thought he was the one who did it.  He’s firm about saying it wasn’t him.
The whole atmosphere changes to something strange and scary with this revelation.  If neither of us started the tub or moved the wire figure, then the figure must have done it itself.  This bathroom is the last place that I want to be now.
My brother knocks, pushes the door open a little, and asks if there’s toilet paper in the downstairs bathroom.  He needs to go and since I’m using the tub, he was going to go downstairs and use the toilet down there.  
I tell him that I can just cover up with a towel and wait outside while he goes so he doesn’t have to bother with it, since I haven’t gotten in yet.  I grab a blue towel and use it to cover up my front.  I step outside and he enters.  He takes his time, as though the inconvenience to me has been completely forgotten.  I don’t really care, though, because I’d much rather not have a bath with a ghost anyway.
Eventually the three of us play video games together.  The game feels like a first-person version of Uncharted, with a flooded parking garage as the setting.  They go so far ahead of me that they completely leave me behind.  I struggle to catch back up, but all the obstacles that I have to complete alone keep me several steps behind them at all times.  
It shifts from us playing a game to us actually completing an obstacle course in a gym as a workout.  The obstacles are mostly ramps that need to be climbed up, ladders that need to be kicked down, ropes that have to be climbed, puzzles to unlock, and heavy blocks to be pushed around to weighted pressure plates.  It’s not easy, and I’m upset that they left me behind.  
Even still, I figure it out all alone- though it might have taken me longer.  The more obstacles I complete, the better and faster I get.  Finally, I feel like I’m gaining ground on them.  No matter how fast I get, however, they seem to always stay one floor above me- and I can never seem to close the gap. [continued]

Relative to Real Life~
Night of September 4th, 2016 (part 1 of 2)
Real-life characters: Dad, brother.
Dream-created characters: Wire form/ghost possessing it.
Real-life places: Uncle’s house.
Dream-created places: Flooded parking garage, obstacle course.
Different than real life: I haven’t talked to my dad in a long while and haven’t seen him in person in over a year, I haven’t spoken to my brother in years, my dad and brother haven’t been in my uncle’s house in over a decade at least, my dad and brother never lived in that house like this dream implied, I haven’t taken a bath in that bathroom since I was a little girl, I haven’t been covered in mud in a long time as well.
Reoccurring: The theme of me going to my aunt and uncle’s bathroom covered in mud is repeated in the dream Flood Muck, which I dreamt on January 12th, 2017.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.

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