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Ghost Downstairs

Monday, September 12 2016 Views: 290

I’m in the kitchen [which is my aunt’s kitchen where my kitchen should be] with my aunt.  We hear the door to the basement slam.  No one else is in the house with us- so something is wrong.  I think maybe it’s just the wind- the pressures on the house sucking the door closed- but when I look out the window I see that the wind isn’t blowing.
My aunt insists on going downstairs to check it out, see if anyone is down there.  I don’t have a good feeling about it, but I figure we can’t just ignore it either.  As I watch her descend the stairs, my vision seems to distort more and more.  Everything seems to become desaturated.  I struggle to see define shapes.  I can tell she reaches the bottom of the stairs, turns to face me, and lifts her arms in a shrug.  Behind her, I think I see someone standing along the wall- an easy three feet taller than her.  It stands with bowed legs and arms, draped white cloths hanging over it’s body, and seems to be haunched over.  I blink a bunch of times trying to clear my eyes, trying to get a clear view of it to know if I should be panicking or if it’s just my bad sight making me see something that’s not there.
My aunt steps out of my view and suddenly my eyes are normal again.  I can see some white cloths hanging on the wall and wonder if that’s what I thought was a person, or if I’m just discrediting something that really was there.  My aunt comes back into view and starts to climb up the stairs, saying she didn’t find anything. [End]

Relative to Real Life~
Night of September 21st, 2016 (3 of 4)
Real-life characters: Aunt.
Dream-created characters: Figure in the basement.
Real-life places: Aunt’s kitchen, my basement/basement stairs.
Dream-created places: None.
Different than real life: My aunt’s house and my house are completely separate, my aunt isn’t over to my house very often.
Reoccurring: No.
Precognitive: No experiences yet.
Notes: I was a little sick when I dreamt this dream, which tends to have an effect on overall strangeness.

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